During Life traumas, (like an accident, incest, abuse -both mental and physical- surgery or a great disappointment) our soul defense mechanism causes a part of our life essence to go back into the Spirit world or suppresses for safe keeping. This part can be called part of your life essence or energy. We continue on with our lives and will become more and more separated from that soul part or that part of our life essence.

As more parts of our soul become separated, we may experience one or more of the following symptoms; depression or chronic depression, feeling incomplete (like part of you is missing), suffering from chronic illness, memory loss around a trauma, unable to remember your childhood, becoming lethargic and having a problem with setting boundaries in your life.

The Soul Retrieval is a journey to retrieve the life essence or soul part(s) that are ready to come back and assist you in your healing process. Once the parts have been retrieved, there is an integration process of getting to know what gifts the soul parts are bringing back to you and what patterns you need to change to in your life to keep that part(s) of yourself with you. This is a key process in healing and becoming more whole or complete. You will experience major life changes to peace and harmony going through this process.

Soul retrieval in my life was a very pivotal experience in changing my life’s direction. My whole life I was seeking approval from all the people around me especially my Mother. I had problems with self-esteem and was trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations of who I was to be. I found myself becoming more and more unhappy and confused. Life wasn’t working and I became very angry and judgmental, trying to feel superior so that I could feel better about myself.
I realized one day that what I was doing wasn’t working. In a workshop I was attending, the idea of soul retrieval was discussed. I found a woman who specializes in Soul retrieval and decided to experience the process to see if soul retrieval would help the healing I started.

During the soul retrieval journey, the soul parts that were ready to return to me were a baby who wasn’t welcomed at birth, a little girl who hid behind a mask in order not to scare her mother and other parts who left because of family dynamics and acceptance that wasn’t there.

When I integrated these parts, I found that I no longer apologized or tried to justify who I was. I accepted myself and learned how to truly be who I am and discover my gifts that I came here to share. My life became empowered and that was a wonderful feeling. I also noticed that the strained relationship with my parents was no longer strained because I no longer needed their acceptance to be me. I healed the unfulfilled expectations of who I was and who they were in our relationship together.