When we start to make different choices we discover many fears and places within ourselves that need to be healed. As those fears grow we feel more and more fearful and disempowered.

This is a journey to recover a helpmate and protector for healing. Your power animal totem assists you in understanding the different aspects of your life. Working with the animal will also helps you to understand where you are in life and helps empower you to make changes and heal.

When I began my life changes, I was working with a Shaman that assisted me in retrieving my main power animal. My main animal totem came as the Bear. As I began working with my totem, I realized how much Bear had always been a part of my life. I married a man who collects bears, and when I was small child, the only place I would take my nap was on a bear rug in my grandmother’s living room.

I also realized that the diet I needed to follow was patterned after the type of foods that the bear ate, fish, root vegetables and berries. As I continued to work with bear and more healing techniques many other animal totems came to help me, such as an eagle, 2 white wolves, a jaguar, lizard, and a tiger named Tigger (my humor reminder). When there were major changes in my life, changes in my life’s path or when I needed a special skill to help someone I was working with is when each new power animal came to me.