What is hypnotherapy?

In a hypnotherapy session you are guided to a state of relaxation and/or concentration where positive suggestions given by the hypnotherapist are more readily remembered. Depending on your motivation, there may be a shift in attitude, habits, and stresses. You are always in control of the process. Hypnotherapy can be used to modify your behavior to create positive changes in your life. An average individual naturally reaches a hypnotic state daily just before going to sleep at night, just before waking up and many other times during the day.

My Hypnosis specialties are:

Nurture Your Inner Child

As an adult many of our automatic responses are a result of learned behavior from our childhood that is stored in the subconscious mind. Getting in touch with that pattern and nurturing the inner child part in you can help you make beneficial changes in how you react to situations in the future. You can let go of the limiting beliefs of the child and help mature that part of you that caused:  self destructive behaviors, self worth issues, or the feeling that you don’t deserve to be successful, and many other issues.

Soul Retrieval

If you have experienced a traumatic event in your life, you may have fragmented or stuffed a part of yourself away as a self defense mechanism in order to live in the physical world. Some of the results of this fragmentation are inability to set boundaries, low self-esteem, lethargy, or no passion for life. In soul retrieval you reconnect with that part of yourself to become more whole, complete and empowered.

Past Life Regression

Everyone has past events or imprints that can enhance your life or cause you limitations. To be able to understand and reprogram your current life’s behavior by tapping into those experiences from your past can be very beneficial for deep emotional changes in your life.

Weight Reduction

Lose weight and move past the DIET game by gaining insight into the contributing factors of your unhealthy patterns and transform them. Post-hypnotic suggestions will help you create wholesome eating habits, promote exercise and increase your metabolism.

Stop Smoking

Eliminate your smoking habit by releasing any contributing factors and replacing them with healthy alternatives.

Stress Reduction

Stress can take a physical toll in your life. Learning to relax can benefit your health and well being.  This includes: more restful sleep, more focused concentration, better problem solving abilities, there can be physical benefits and more.

Sports Enhancement

Improve your sports performance through mental imagery to enhance your skills, increase your motivation, determination and self confidence to achieve astounding results.