I am so excited to tell you about the path my life has taken to inner peace, harmony and how this insight can be of benefit to you in your life’s journey. I am now healthier and feel younger than when I was in my twenties. This has assisted me to become a hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. I use these tools to help others in their own self discovery process.

About 25 years ago, I was successful in my job, financially secure and began a new marriage to my lover and best friend. But, with all the material things in place, I realized that I yearned for more in my life. Something was missing and I felt stuck and did not know where to go for the answers. I kept looking for the answers outside of myself and for the magic “fix”. Through the steps outlined below; I came to learn that all the answers I needed came from inside of me and not from other people’s expectations or books. When my life became very uncomfortable, I came back to the practice of prayer I had learned in childhood. I started praying for direction and was lead by a good friend to an Edgar Cayce “Search for God” study group. As a part of this group, I started to understand the correlation between body, mind and spirit. I also learned that my thoughts were creating my reality. The reality I had created was making me very unhappy and limiting my future possibilities. One of the key steps to changing that reality was learning how to accept myself, others and learning not to live by someone else’s expectations of me. I began to discover that I had no idea who I really was, what my desires were, what talents I had to offer, or what I needed to make me happy. As my self-discovery continued, I was lead down many different paths to find my truth. I am still in the wonderful adventure of that discovery every day.

My Shamanic path started by being invited to a book signing in Sacramento, California. I met Hank Wesselman, a shaman who practices, teaches and writes about Hawaiian traditions. I read his first book, “Spirit Walker”, and began a nine-year training period with him. During this time I learned the basic shamanic skills of extraction, power animal retrieval, ancestral healing, and the shamanic view of the soul. We talked about the soul and how the soul is susceptible to soul loss and the need for soul retrieval. Through practicing these skills and deepening my knowledge of shamanic ways, I was lead to my next teacher at a conference in Santa Fe. In Santa Fe, I met Connie Grauds, a licensed pharmacist, founder of the Center for Spirited Medicine and the author of Jungle Medicine. Connie taught me about Plant Spirit Medicine from her own background working and studying with a shaman in the Amazon jungle. I learned to work with plants, nature and how to extract the medicine of the natural world for healing. At the end of a year’s training program, I was invited to accompany her to Peru and work directly with a Peruvian shaman Don Antonio. In the depts. of the jungle, I learned even more how the natural world works, to give us medicine and to teach us how to live in the moment. In the jungle, I truly began to understand how to live in harmony with Mother Earth and myself.

That’s me on the left and Connie Grauds behind me with our Shaman Don Antonio in front of me and the rest of our Amazon Trip group, Nov. 2005

Several years ago I founded my business, Waves of Spirit, to help clients in self-discovery and important life changes. When people heal their fears and wounds caused by the traumas in their lives, they can move past self imposed limitations and move into more peace and joy in their lives. Through this process they reclaim their essence and discover their true identity. When they learn to integrate all aspects of themselves body, mind and spirit they can work through life and find joy and happiness. As a result, many have found relief from symptoms such as chronic fatigue, chronic illness and a loss of self-esteem. I offer clients individual packages that are tailored to their needs. In addition, I am available for speaking engagements and workshops to promote shamanism and holistic healing.

When I returned from my profound experience in the Amazon jungle and working with the healing properties of the plants, I found a company that is helping the Amazon indigenous to preserve the treasures of the rainforest. The Amazon Herb Company has developed a line of herbs, available through me, that truly help our bodies work better. These herbs help build our immune system, help us to lose weight, have better digestion and balance our body chemistry for better and sustainable health. The Amazon herb company has also developed a skin care line that is nature’s ultimate recipe for youthful skin. As a result of taking these herbs and using the skin care products, I have more energy, fell healthier, calmer, and my skin has a new vitality and radiance with age lines becoming less visible.

I have learned that as we walk our paths, many new learning opportunities are presented. So I continued to study and perfect my tools with additional Soul Retrieval training with Sandra Ingerman, many Shamanic classes with Michael Harner and Past Life Regression therapy with Delores Cannon. Also I have studied to become a Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. The more I studied and began seeing clients, it became very clear to me that helping people feel more whole and work through their self imposed limitations is my passion. Life affords us many opportunities, Let me help you empower yourself for the life you choose.

I look forward to getting to know you as your life’s journey unfolds. Let me become your tour guide to help you find wholeness and live your dream or passion. For there are many choices in life and you can choose to live your dream or the reasons why you can’t. I hope you choose to live your dream.

Stephanie Helberg, CHt
Shamanic Practitioner
Reiki Master
Crystal Healer